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Fancy BarBot with lots of needless features and ...of course... a bunch of blinky LEDs

Open Hardware

Build it yourself at home. All resources are open-source.


Mixing the best cocktails ... well at least it's automatic

Open Software

You can find all the software on Hector9000's Github

Visit the official Hector9000 Page


Be a social amigo and join Somigo for your weekly dose of volunteer engagement


Get started immediately and waste no time searching for the right volunteer job

Manageable & Personal

Easily see who needs YOUR help near you


Collect rewards for your social engagement and unlock cool achievements

This Platform is not yet available, but you can check out Somigos engagement on somigo.de


The multiprocessing LED Library with built-in support for: Multiple Animations at the same time, Live processed audio data, Streaming to/from different devices, and many more.

Quick Animations Creation

Create your animation quickly with build-in animation modules


Reach top level performance with our multiprocessing technology

Animation Streaming

Easily stream your animations over the Internet

Visit the JB-LED Github Page

About Me

If you are interested in any other of my Projects you can checkout my Github account

You can contact me anytime via iwantsomethingfromyou(at)camaendir.de

My name is Ben Temme, 20 years old, currently studying computer science at RWTH-Aachen University
After finishing High-School at the age of 16, winning the High-School Physics award from the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, I undertook an apprenticeship as a computer scientist (Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung). After finishing the apprenticeship in just two years i went on to study computer science at RWTH-Aachen University. I'm currently in my third semester.
Visit my Github page